Family tree research

Why a family tree researcher is necessary?

You may have the question: why a family tree researcher is necessary? Firstly, because a person can be easily mistaken who doesn’t know the method of the period birth registration. And can move on such a branch which is not his ancestors. The birth registries were written in Latin until the end of the 19th century (except in some years about the revolution of 1848). So a certain level Latin knowledge is necessary for the family tree research. Large part of the Greek Catholic and Orthodox birth certificates were written in Cyril letters, the Latin letters were used later only, while the Hebrew birth registers were written mixed; in Hungarian, in Hebrew and in German.

The period birth certificates were written with a specific way; in many cases these certificates are hard to read which causes problem for a person who is not professional. It is necessary to know the period historical, the migratory conditions, and the religious and folk customs as well. As not all the settlements had independent birth registration, it is needed to find where the people were registered in the given settlement (who were born, married and died there). Making a family tree requires time; making a whole family tree can last from more months and in our current running world the time is a valuable thing.

How long the family tree can be tracked back?

The ecclesiastic birth registration was ordered by Pope 4th Pius during the council of Trent in 1563. During this time the Turk was raging Hungary, so in our country keeping the birth certification could be started only after the Turk was driven out, it is about the beginning of the 18th century. Most part of the Hungarian families can be lead back until that time. The noble families are the exceptions because their ancestors can be lead back to the the acquisition of nobility, in rare cases it could be the Árpád-age.

The situation is different in case of the Jewish family tree. The Hebrew birth registration was started later, in the middle of the 19th century. Previous birth certificates are very rare which were marked post factum, but these are usually not exact and deficient.


Why choose me?


  • I work in hit fee, you pay as much as any ancestors were found, and there are no hidden charges.
  • I don’t count travelling charge in Hungary and in some detached areas.
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  • I certify all the hits by document.
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  • In case of Transylvanian research the communication and getting documents in Romanian language is not a problem.
  • Our colleagues speak the following languages:English, German, Hungarian, Romanian, Slovak, Serbian, Croatian, Ukrainian, Russian, Italian, Hebrew and Latin.
  • We can read texts written in the Latin, Cyrillic and Hebrew scripts.
  • In case of order from abroad a professional can make your family tree from the price of travelling and accommodation costs and you do not have to travel more hundreds or more thousands kilometers.
  • I handle the details confidentially; I do not provide these to 3rd person.
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